About Me


My name is Kalea and it's great to have you here!
Websites. Mobile Apps. Interactive Games and Graphics.
These are just a few of my favorite things! Aside from making musical references of the utmost quality, I thrive off designing and developing to create exciting visual experiences. So far I've gotten to live the dream by:

- Driving the development for the website that helped Cal Poly win the Best Student Pulication Award at the 2017 National TAGA Conference in Dallas, Texas
- Participating in school-sponsored hackathons where I got to assume the role of both a designer and a developer
- Using HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery to develop fully responsive websites from scratch
- Designing and creating interactive 3D graphics applications such as screensavers, games, and mini animations using C++/OpenGL

Since completing my undergrad in 2017, I've gotten to continue this journey by:

- Returning to the same team I worked with the summer before my senior year at Cal Poly
- Seeing the team through the entire production season
- Working alongside some awesome peers
- Hiring and training some more awesome peers
- Learning and growing a little more every day!

But don't just let me tell you about it -- check out my work, or my resume to see for yourself!